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Moodle Upgrade-FAQs


Moodle Upgrade FAQs

What has changed?

1. Improved icons and signposting – visibility of topics/resources/activities is clearer. 

Hidden resources have 1) greyed-out icons, and 2) status warning messages

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2. The Choice activity now allows learners to make multiple responses:

3. The Forum activity now offers ‘pinned posts’ to highlight important information and the ability to lock down inactive discussion threads:

4. The Assignment activity now supports annotation of submissions:

5. Improved interface and workflow for Quiz building and editing:


What has moved?

1. The feature allowing some roles to log-in as specific users has moved from the Course Administration Block to the user’s Profile page.

2. The feature allowing users to 'switch to' another role in order to check courses from, e.g., the student perspective has moved. 

This is now accessed by 1) clicking on your name to view the Profile menu, and 2) choosing 'Switch role to...'

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3. Topics/Weeks can be added to a course from a link at the bottom of the page

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4. Managing Guest Users has been moved from the Edit Settings page to the Enrolment Methods page

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What’s new?

1. Course recycle bin – to prevent accidental deletion of resources & activities:

2. Auto-saving of entered text – to prevent loss of data while editing:

3. Drag-and-Drop question types:

Drag-and-drop text labels into text:

Drag-and-drop text or labels on to an image:

Drag-and-drop text or labels onto predefined zones in an image:

4. Blocks can now be hidden (or docked) to unclutter the screen:

If you have any questions about the changes, please contact the E-Learning Helpdesk.

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