Panopto Rollover 2021


Panopto Rollover July 2021

What you need to know:

  1. The majority of Panopto recordings will NOT be rolled over automatically
  2. Manual intervention from staff members is needed to carry forward appropriate content
  3. Supportive resources and key contacts are available on this page

What do you need to do and how to do it:

Academic Courses (i.e. taught modules with an alphanumeric code)

Staff should first identify which content will be appropriate to carry forward into the new year. 

They should consider whether their content:

  • Is still appropriate to the course’s learning objectives and means of delivery

  • Will be re-recorded in any form this year as part of standard lecture capture approaches

  • Contains student contributions or other sensitive material that may not be suitable for further dissemination

  • Has out of date information or imagery, such as course orientation videos which no longer reflect the latest changes to software such as Moodle and MS Teams

When staff have identified appropriate content for re-use, the content will need to be copied to the latest year’s Panopto folders.

How can I copy my video content?

Staff permissions have been updated to make this process more efficient for content creators with large numbers of videos. 

Once content has been copied to the new academic year, the new 21-22 version will not be released to students automatically - staff will need to make the content available on an individual basis. Please note, this will not affect the availability of the original video which will retain its existing availability settings and, if published, will remain accessible to historically enrolled students via the 20-21 Moodle archive. 

Existing video activity such as comments, quiz interactions and views will be retained in the original 20-21 video but will not be carried forward to the new 21-22 copy.

For support with copying your video content, please contact the Audio Visual team via

What if I have links that point to my video content in Moodle?

An automated process will take place weekly, which will update the now out of date original video links in the academic module’s Moodle pages with updated links for the 21-22 video copies.

Please note, while these updates will affect Moodle activities such as Labels, Pages, Topic Summaries etc., URLs that are inside of documents or external to Moodle may need to be updated manually to reflect the new year’s version of the video. If you notice any links have been missed by the automated process, please review the below guidance designed to support you in updating these links manually. 

For further support with embedding videos in Moodle, please contact the E-Learning Team via

What about content in My Folder?

My Folder was designed as a personal playground for testing and experimentation; it is not the most appropriate place to hold video content for student consumption. Keeping videos in My Folder can have negative repercussions for reporting, retention, student access and rollover. Content for student consumption should be moved from personal folders to the appropriate course folders.

If you need to copy content from an historic personal folder to a 21-22 course folder, you’ll need to use a different approach that requires administrator intervention. Please complete this request form to specify your requirements with regards to content housed in personal folders. 

Non-Standard Courses (i.e. courses that are ongoing, such as staff training and development)

A set of high-use non-standard courses such as fire safety awareness have been identified and rolled over automatically by IT Services to ensure that there is no disruption to user access and no need for course author intervention. 

For other non-standard courses, IT Services welcome staff to raise a helpdesk ticket to request the relocation of Panopto video content to the current year.

As part of this relocation process: 

  • All Panopto content from the previous year's course folder will be moved to the latest year's course folder

  • Video content will maintain all associated viewing data, comments etc. and be available in the course’s folder for student viewers

  • The unique web address of each video will not be updated, so existing links embedded in the Moodle course page and elsewhere will remain functional

If you have a non-standard course that has not had its video content moved, please raise this by e-mailing and making it clear that your request is for the attention of the RTL team.

Getting help

If you need help and support with these new features in Panopto, there is lots of guidance available to you. The Panopto course in Moodle offer how-to guides which you may find useful. If you would like advice on building your Moodle course or using Panopto, you should contact the E-learning team.  

If you require technical support, please log a ticket with the IT Service Desk by emailing


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