E-Learning Showcase


E-learning activities at Royal Holloway, University of London include:

  • the publication of key course information
  • the timely and persistent availability of course materials and resources (including Anti-Plagiarism and Study Skills resources to which all staff and students have access)
  • the provision of a portal to a range of internal and external online resources, e.g., e-journals, open educational resources, websites and web 2.0 content
  • use of efficient communication channels between students and between students and staff
  • the use of discussion fora to build confidence, develop writing skills, encourage deeper approaches to learning, to extend and support full participation in discussions, and in support of group project work
  • the use of electronic submission of assignments to check against plagiarism and collusion
  • the use of electronic submission of assignments to facilitate the rapid turnaround of marking and the timely provision of feedback
  • the use of electronic tests and exams for both formative and summative assessment, making use of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), short text answers, numerical answers, and mathematical formulae
  • gathering of student feedback and 'feed-forward' through the use of voting, survey and discussion tools
  • the use of Audience Participation Systems or 'Clickers' to to test understanding, interact easily, and respond to student experiences
  • Producing and delivering Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) to global audiences of learners

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