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The E-Learning Team maintains a collection of asynchronous online resources to provide e-learning practitioners with instant access to inspiration and help with our range of e-learning technologies.

We offer a blend of continually updated Moodle courses; support videos made in-house and accessed via RePlay/Panopto; videos from our vendors curated in our YouTube channel; and quick support slides on the use of MS Teams and Turnitin.


Moodle courses

All E-Learning support courses in Moodle

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  Course design

Accessible & Inclusive Digital Course Design - A resource designed to raise awareness of digital accessibility and discuss how we can make our online courses more inclusive

Interactivity with Moodle - A resource for those using, or planning to use, Moodle's interactive features in lectures, seminars or asynchronously



Flexible Education - This self-service Moodle resource is designed to provide you with information, inspiration & instruction as you develop engaging & effective flexible learning activities.

Moodle Core Requirements - This resource is designed to provide you with an overview of the College's Moodle Core Requirements and how to meet them in your courses.

Using Moodle - This course contains material about editing and managing Moodle courses.  It includes videos, helpsheets and FAQs.



Creating Engaging Content with RePlay (Panopto) - A resource designed to provide an interactive introduction to Royal Holloway's Lecture Recording and Video Streaming platform RePlay (Panopto).



Moodle E-Assessment - A resource for those using, or planning to use, Moodle's powerful quiz tools in support of e-assessment activities.

Assessment with Panopto - A resource for students using Panopto for assignments. This provides support for typical multimedia-based assessment activities, such as recording and uploading video presentations and narrated PowerPoint slideshows.

Turnitin Feedback Studio - A resource in support of those marking, originality checking, and providing feedback on coursework submittted to Turnitin.



Classroom Interactivity with Clickers & Mobile Phones - A resource for those using, or planning to use, ResponseWare to enhance lectures, seminars and workshops with interactive polling, quizzing and feedback.

MS Teams quick support slides

Our accelerated institutional uptake of MS Teams, alongside Microsoft's commitment to updating and improving the service, requires a more agile approach to supporting colleagues. The E-Learning Team regularly produces and updates support slides, all of which are available via the following links:

Turnitin quick support slides

While we maintain the comprehensive Turnitin Feedback Studio course, there is often the need to provide instant access to up-to-date support information:

  PeerMark resources





Moodle courses

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