MS Teams Training & Development Sessions 2021


Key features of MS Teams

For synchronous teaching

(90 mins)

Tuesday January 11th  11 am – 12:30 pm

Indicative content

  • Setting up channels in MS Class Teams
  • Starting teaching sessions in channels
  • Inviting guests from outside RHUL to teach in MS Teams
  • Setting participants’ permissions
  • Sharing your screen for presentations
  • Using breakout rooms for interactivity
  • Using Form polls for interactivity
  • Using the Class notebook for interactivity
  • Netiquette

Joining the session


You need not book these sessions; we are inviting you to join in the way that students are joining timetabled MS Teams sessions. Meeting links will not be sent out.  

We have created the Flexible Education Training (21-22) Class in MS Teams. The sessions will take place in the January 2022 Training Sessions channel. Please visit and click the JOIN button five minutes before your chosen event is due to start.

These instructions tell you how to:

1.    Join the Flexible Education Training Class Team, in advance of the session
2.    Join a Flexible Education Training live session, at the appropriate time





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