RePlay/Panopto Training & Development Sessions 2021


Key features of Panopto/Replay

For asynchronous on-line teaching and recording synchronous sessions

(90 mins)

3 opportunities to attend:

  • Sept 1st 11am
  • Sept 6th 11am
  • Sept 7th 2pm

Indicative content

  • Recording live sessions, and pre-recorded material
  • Managing your recording files, and producing playlists
  • Ensuring the right people have access to your recordings
  • How captions work in Panopto
  • Adding in-recording quizzing for engagement
  • Adding in moments of prediction and reflection to support learning
  • Netiquette

Joining the session

You need not book these sessions; we are inviting you to join in the way that students are joining timetabled MS Teams sessions. Meeting links will not be sent out. 

We have created the ‘Autumn 2021 Training Sessions’ channel in the ‘Flexible Education Training (21-22)’ Class Team in MS Teams.

Please click the JOIN button five minutes before your chosen event is due to start.

These instructions tell you how to:

1.    Join the Flexible Education Training Class Team, in advance of the session
2.    Join a Flexible Education Training live session, at the appropriate time





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