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Case Studies - lecture-recording and beyond

Flipping the lecture

Pre-recording lectures - or micro-lectures - and making these available to students before scheduled contact time has been found to promote lecture interactivity and support active learning, while increasing course pass rates and student satisfaction.

This approach won a College Excellence Teaching Prize for Earth Sciences in 2015, and another for Biological Sciences in 2016.

Flipping the presentation

With Panopto, students can record video/multimedia presentations using their personal devices and upload them to a private 'Assessment' folder. Academic staff can then review each student’s video on-demand, and provide comments and feedback directly in the recording.  This approach won a College Excellence Teaching Prize in 2017.

Multimedia assessment

Post Graduate Psychology students are creating multimedia assignment by providing voiceover audio tracks to PowerPoint presentations.  These are uploaded to private Assessment folders for markers to view and provide feedback.

Reflective practice

Students can review and reflect upon their recorded presentations and performances.  Music Undergraduates are viewing and reflecting upon video recordings of themselves and each other conducting group of musicans - something that's challenging during the performance.

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