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PowerPoint presentations have long since replaced the overhead projector in the role of sharing materials with groups of learners in lecture halls and seminar rooms. PowerPoint allows lecturers to draw upon and incorporate a wide range of media formats; using websites, video clips, images, diagrams and animations to support and enhance teaching is now commonplace. 

However, engaging with each and every learner in a way that allows lecturers to test their understanding, interact easily, and respond to learner experiences, is still challenging. It is in this area that  Clickers can enhance and even transform the way we communicate with learners in this setting.

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What are TurningPoint Clickers?

A Clicker is a small radio transmitting keypad with which learners are provided at the beginning of a lecture. Each learner can use it to respond quickly and anonymously to pre-prepared questions incorporated into a PowerPoint presentation.  The results of the polls/tests can be displayed instantly on the screen.

Clickers - and a USB Receiver - can be booked and borrowed from the  Audio visual Team

Using a downloadable plug-in for PowerPoint, interactive questions can be added to new or existing PowerPoint presentations.

Most of the teaching room PCs at Royal Holloway are equipped with the plug-in, in support of the need to 'turn-up-and-teach'.

An alternative to Clickers is the TurningPoint Mobile service, which allows learners to partcipate with their own web-enabled devices.

Benefits of TurningPoint Clickers

Using TurningPoint Clickers, lecturers are able to:

  • quickly measure learners' comprehension,
  • painlessly test problem-solving skills and performance
  • provide prompt feedback to learners
  • invite, capture, share, and display learner opinion
  • if appropriate, record and export results for further analysis and/or discussion.

With TurningPoint Clickers, learners are able to:

  • provide anonymous feedback to the cohort and lecturer
  • receive instant feedback on their understanding / performance
  • participate in a familiar 'interactive' or 'game-based' environment

How lecturers are using TurningPoint Clickers

  • To generate and collect data in support of lecture content, e.g., Psychology lectures on perception
  • To provide in-lecture tests and polls to measure, and then respond, to learning
  • To monitor attendance and deliver formative and summative in-class tests

How to get started with TurningPoint Clickers

  1. Visit the Classroom Interactivity with Clickers & Mobile Phones resource in Moodle (includes links to apps, technical and pedagogical advice)
  2. Download and install the plug-in for PowerPoint (links in Moodle resource)
  3. Contact the Audio Visual Team to secure a TurningPoint Licence
  4. Contact the E-Learning Team for advice and training
  5. Add questions to new or existing PowerPoint presentations
  6. Contact the Audio Visual Team to book Clickers and a Receiver


Why not harness your students' personal technology and use TurningPoint Mobile instead?  Use the same software but without the need to book/distrubute/retrieve/return Clickers.







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