Turnitin Feedback Studio



Formerly known as 'GradeMark', Feedback Studio is part of the Turnitin Service and can be accessed directly through Moodle course spaces. The integration of Turnitin with Moodle delivers a single point of assignment submission, marking, feedback, and archiving.  Over 70% of submitted assignments were marked using Feedback Studio in 2016/17.


Feedback Studio allows markers to:

  • mark online with a laptop or desktop
  • mark online or offline with an iPad and the Turnitin App
  • annotate essays with rich feedback
  • create, organise, re-use & share libraries of feedback comments
  • provide general feedback
  • provide audio feedback
  • create, re-use & share marking rubrics / matrices
  • provide a numerical or percentage mark

Feedback Studio allows administrators to:

  • time the release of marks and feedback
  • track student's engagement with the marks and feedback
  • share marks with Moodle & Banner
  • share marked assignments with external examiners


Individual use of Feedback Studio can:

  • speed up the turnaround of assignment marking
  • mark assignments online from anywhere in the world
  • mark assignments while viewing their respective 'Originality Reports'
  • provide rich, consistent feedback quickly through the use of libraries
  • provide the feedback appropriate to their students needs - annotated, rubrics, audio, inline, general, numerical
  • release feedback at a given time
  • provide an online channel to discuss marks and feedback with students

Departmental use of Feedback Studio can:

  • standardise feedback through the use of shared libraries and rubrics
  • streamline internal and external marking processes
  • provide greater transparency and consistency
  • reduce the physical burdens of submitting, receiving, distributing, redistributing and archiving paper assignments
  • potentially reduce the carbon footprint of the College

How to get started

It is highly likely that your course is already using Turnitin, and that your Departmental Administration Team has added Assignment inboxes to the Moodle space.  There is generally no further action required to start using Feedback Studio, once the assignments have been submitted.

We recommend that as a marker you:

  1. Contact your Departmental Administration team to confirm that your courses are using Turnitin
  2. Contact the E-Learning Team for further information, advice and training
  3. Visit the ' Using Turnitin Feedback Studio' resource in Moodle for information, demonstrations and user manuals
  4. Consult the Turnitin FAQs (in Moodle)


During the academic year 2016/17, over 70% of the  assignments submitted to Moodle/Turnitin at Royal Holloway, University of London were marked online with Feedback Studio. This represents a fifty-fold increase since 2012/13.

 Bar and line chart showing increase in submissions to Turniitn between 2008 and 2016, and the percentage increase in the marking of submitted work

Online marking myths

"Moodle is profile-driven, but assignments must be submitted and marked anonymously"

It is true that Moodle is profile-driven and that all student activity can be tracked, but Turnitin Feedback Studio supports anonymous submission, marking and feedback up to the point of returning the work to the students.

"I need to provide a marking cover sheet, and Turnitin does not allow this"

This is untrue.  Turnitin Feedabck Studio provides and consolidates many if not all aspects of the traditional cover sheet:

  • a general comments area
  • marking matrices and rubrics
  • a numerical or percentage score





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