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Training and online e-learning support for Moodle and Panopto/RePlay 2020/21 core requirements

Training and Online Developments August and September 2020

Message sent to all academics from Professor James Knowles on Wednesday 5 August 2020

Update to students on the academic year 2020/21

On Wednesday 24 June all current students were sent an update on our plans for the next academic year. The message included information about the changes we’re making on campus to keep students and staff safe and what activities students can expect to be available to them in September. Read the message here and view our updated academic year 2020/21 FAQs here.


On Tuesday 2 June our Royal Holloway Teaching and Learning Symposium, Flexible Education 2020: New Approaches to Learning and Teaching took place.

Recordings of each of the sessions and the presentations that were shown can be found on this webpage


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Message from Professor James Knowles - 26 May

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