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MS Teams session settings - create a safe space

The E-Learning Team has published support slides: Create a safe space - which show how to quickly adjust session settings to prevent unwelcome guests and behaviour in teaching sessions

Education Foundations for the Future

Read our latest document on 'Education Foundations for the Future'  here.

One-stop-shop for online support resources

The E-Learning Team maintains a collection of online resources to provide e-learning practitioners with instant access to inspiration and help with our range of e-learning technologies.

Links to resources can be accessed from the Online Support Resources page

Supporting inclusive education with Ally

Early in the development of the Flexible Education model it was decided to enhance our offering to disabled students, and mitigate some of the issues raised by online learning for those populations, by using the Ally plug-in for Moodle.

What does Ally do?

  1. Ally automatically checks Moodle course materials against international standards as part of the accessibility requirements for public sector bodies.  
  2. Provides guidance to teaching & professional services staff on how to improve accessibility of their Moodle course content.
  3. Provides students with alternative formats in which to download documents posted by teaching & professional services staff in Moodle, to increase accessibility and provide choice.
  4. Provides College with institution- and course-wide accessibility and engagement data.

A handful of courses are piloting the use of Ally in Term 3 of the 20/21 academic year.  This will inform and prepare College for a fuller rollout of the service in the 21/22 academic year.

The E-Learning Team have published information about Ally and how it supports inclusive education

Flexible Education Design & Support Resource

The E-Learning Team has launched a self-service Moodle resource designed to provide you with information, inspiration & instruction as you develop engaging & effective flexible learning activities. 

Moodle: Flexible Education Design & Support Resource

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MS Teams support updates

Feb 21

Please note that leaving a team is only a temporary fix unless you are also removed from the parent Moodle course.

Please note that the images will appear 'back-to-front' on your screen but will display as normal to your participants.

Dec 2020

Training for MS Class Teams and associated tools in teaching - joining sessions 1, 2 and 4.

Change to the way that you log in to Moodle 2020/2021

There is a period of downtime occurring on the current Moodle environment, 2020/2021. Moodle will be unavailable between 7am and 1pm BST on Thursday 3 September 2020.

Moodle 2020/2021 will be unavailable during this time while we complete work vital to delivering flexible education for the coming academic year. You will be unable to log in to Moodle 20/21 between these times and will not be able to view or edit your courses.

After the downtime there will be change to the way that you log in to Moodle 2020/2021. From 1pm on Thursday you will be asked to log in using your staff email instead of your staff username. Like when you access your email account, you will may asked to validate your log in using multi-factor authentication.

The Moodle archives for 2019/2020 and previous years are unaffected by this downtime, or this change to the login process. PGT students and students taking retakes are submitting via Moodle 2019/2020 and should not be impacted by this change or downtime.

For more information please visit the  eLearning pages of the intranet.

For information on flexible learning for 2020/2021 is available on the  Flexible Learning hub.


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