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College Teaching Prizes 2019




Excellence Prize

Dr Akil Awan: Department of History


The Unessay: Diversifying Assessment & Making Space for Creativity and Innovation in a Diverse Student Cohort


Dr Daniele Colombaroli: Department of Geography


Elementary, Dear Watson!”: a forensic mystery game to enhance student learning in Biogeography.


Professor Harriet Hawkins & Moya Watson: Department of Geography


Wellness for PhD students: A Programme of Activities for PhD student Well-Being and Mental Health


Dr Anna Jackman: Department of Geography


Critical curricula: Diversifying sites and sources


Dr James Smith: Department of English


Mini Academic Conference for Students on EN3126, ‘The Other Side of Enlightenment: The 18th Century in Literature, Theory, and Film’


Dr Edward Thornton: School of Politics, International Relations, and Philosophy


Russell’s Parabox: A Live-Action Game for the Logical




Excellence Commendation


Dr Stephanos Anastasiadis: School of Management


Use of an online Wiki tool in experiential learning


Dr Sasha Engelmann: Department of Geography


Artful Experiments in Atmosphere: Practice-based workshops and Alternative Assessment in GeoHumanities Pedagogy


Dr Samuel Fairlamb: Department of Psychology


Social Psychology in the News (SPIN)


Dr Mikko Laamanen & Dr Mikael Andéhn: School of Management


Synergic overlap: Matching strategy to method in a group assignment


Dr Carlos Matos & Mr Nuno Barreiro: Department of Computer Science


Designing peer-assessed coursework for students engaging in complex creative tasks


Dr Ryan McKay: Department of Psychology


Rethinking Fast and Slow: Creative Curriculum Design in Response to a Crisis in Psychological Science


Dr Alex Reppel: School of Management


Supervision at scale: Using single-source documentation to advise 200+ PGT students on their final project




Team Prize


Mr Jasper Lyons, Dr Carlos Matos & Mr Nuno Barreiro: Department of Computer Science


A scalable approach to personalised learning




Team Commendation


Dr Deana Rankin Dr Richard Ashby, Dr Jessica Chiba, Ursula Clayton, Dr Scott Shepherd, Timo Uotinen, Dr Roy Booth, Dr Christie Carson: Department of English


EN1106 Shakespeare: Study and Writing skills for transition to University




PG Prize


Nina Willment: Department of Geography


GG2053 Cities Economies and Ecologies-CCTV Nation: Security Guardians Vs. Privacy Resistance




PG Commendation


Anastasia Alexeeva: School of Management


Organisational change role play