Find out about Personal Tutoring


The College has a detailed guide for Personal Tutors, which is available here.

For advice on the Personal Tutor role, to exchange ideas on tutoring, or to request/suggest resources for Tutors, please email the Principal Tutor: Mark Crompton

Pastoral Support Guidance for Personal Tutors

Advice for when you have concerns about a student

The College’s guide for staff about student welfare

Support and Advisory Services contact details 

Guidance on Providing References

 Guidance on providing references for taught students is here.

Academic Support Guidance for Personal Tutors

Student Dashboard

For off-campus access, please ensure that VPN is activated.

You can access data about your Tutees in the Student Dashboard, and in the 'Search for a Student' area of the Dashboard there is access to a note-taking facility via the 'Tutor Notes' button. Please note that the compulsory fields must be completed in order that your record saves correctly.

You can access data about your Tutees in the Student Dashboard here. Videos about using the Dashboard are here.

There is a guide to using the note-taking facility here. The policy on staff access to the facility is here. The note-taking facility is not a means of passing on or giving access to important information to colleagues in any department, including your own or Professional Services: existing procedures should be employed for this.

In order to obtain access to the Student Dashboard and note-taking facility for the first time, please complete the Data Protection training, and email your completion certificate to Alison Wallis.

Please note you should never discuss personal information about students which is, for example, located in the student records or revealed in the course of a Personal Tutor-Tutee meeting, with other students, College staff who do not have access themselves, or non-College members such as a student’s parents. The College has a code of practice in relation to releasing information to third parties (including parents) that includes guidance on exceptional circumstances where disclosure may be necessary.


Resources for developing academic skills in tutorials

You can direct Tutees to the Centre for the Development of Academic Skills which offers free lectures, workshops, drop-ins and 1:1 tutorials on a range of key academic skills. Students can also enrich their learning at their own pace through selected online resources as well as build employability skills through Study Abroad opportunities and the Global Leadership Programme.

Advice for staff from the Disability and Dyslexia Services (DDS) 

Two academic writing activities are here, with Tutor notes here. They could be used as they are, or used as a prompt for how to use examples of writing in your own academic discipline with your Tutees.

A Harvard referencing quiz is here, with Tutor notes here

A checklist for writing good academic paragraphs is here

More tutorial activity resources coming soon.


Supporting our students’ employability through the ‘E3’ framework

The Careers Aspirations Strategy: E3 framework, brings together the wide range of employability activities

and support on offer across the College into a coherent narrative for our students. This framework is shared

through Personal Tutors having careers support discussions with their tutees.

Your toolkit

This toolkit – outlined below in the form of questions and answers, as well as resources – explains what

Personal Tutors need to know about the framework and what you need to do to help prepare our students

for the the modern workplace.

Access your Careers Aspiration Framework toolkit

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