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College Teaching Prizes


Aims of the College Teaching Prizes scheme

  • To raise the profile of teaching and to underline the College's commitment to it by recognising initiatives which have had a beneficial impact on student learning.
  • To share good practice by publicising initiatives which have the scope to influence support for student learning more generally.



The deadline for applications is Friday March 31st 2023

Your initiative must include a specific focus on inclusive education 

Applications can be made by teams and individuals, including teaching staff, postgraduate tutors, and learning, administrative and technical support staff who contribute to student learning within their professional roles.

All aspects of student learning qualify for consideration, including face-to-face and independent learning, e-learning, PhD supervision, skills training and indeed any other forms of student support and guidance.

For further information please refer to the application forms for each prize:

Excellence Teaching Prize 2023

Team Teaching Prize 2023

- Postgraduate Teaching Prize 2023



The total sum available for the prizes will be given as the following awards, to be split equally between all staff named on the application. There may be more than one award under any of the three categories.

- Excellence Teaching Prize (for 1 or 2 established staff): £400 for developing teaching projects

- Postgraduate Tutor Prize (1 or 2 staff, including at least one postgraduate tutor): £400 for personal use (PG Tutors) or developing teaching projects (other staff)

- Team Prize (3 or more staff, whether established or postgraduate tutors): £800 for developing teaching projects

 Certificates of commendation may also be awarded for runners up.


If you have any questions, please contact Mark Crompton (


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Teaching prize case studies

Many of the case studies from the last few years can be found on the Teaching and Learning Space. The most recent ones appear at the top of each section.