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Extra-curricular & fieldwork


Supporting and enhancing external engagement and through sport events

Dr Elton Xhetani; School of Business and Management (HRMOS)

Through a robust external engagement platform we promote and provide students with networking opportunities that serves as a confidence building for all of our students. Read more here


‘Gaining Confidence and a Growth-Mindset in Preparation for the World of Work’: RH100 Assessment Centres and Training

Rebecca Johns, Lucy Thomas (Student Engagement Officers), Matthew Searle (Head of Student Engagement) and Stephanie Anderson (Student Transitions and Events Officer)

Our assessment centres encourage collaboration and ‘lightbulb moments’, while simultaneously preparing candidates for the world of work, allowing individuals – who in light of the pandemic have had little opportunity in the last couple of years to obtain work experience - to demonstrate their innate qualities and grow their skills. Read more here


Politics in Action: New Parliamentary Placement Scheme for Students from Ethnic Minority Backgrounds

Professor James Sloam, Politics, International Relations and Philosophy

The innovation offers final year undergraduate students from politics and international relations the opportunity to earn a full-week placement in Westminster, and follow this up with a one-day-a-week placement with an MP as part of the Politics in Action module. Read more here


The Micro-Placements Pathway – an innovative and inclusive approach to enhancing students’ core career skills and confidence during Covid-19 and beyond

Lisa Medd, Gianina Harvey-Brewin, Emily Hertzell, Louise Ogle, Katharina Waters, Careers Service

The Micro-Placements Pathway is a new digital learning journey with an 'unlockable access' feature that creates a positive, motivating process for students to apply and work through a wide range of careers-learning activities, empowering them to access a summer placement, enhance their self-confidence and career-readiness. Read more here


THESIS – Teaching in Higher Education: Supporting and Inspiring Students

Dr. Danijela Serbic, Prof. Victoria Bourne, Dr. Sam Fairlamb, Dr. Ines Mendes, Dr. Nuno Nodin, Dr. Ilham Sebah, Dr. Luke Kendrick, Dr. Sam McCormick, Elise Gear, Jasmine Virhia and Louisa Thomas, Department of Psychology

THESIS is the only department-based pedagogic group at RHUL, providing a platform for an inclusive partnership of students and staff to initiate extra-curricular activities that enhance student employability, to learn from each other, to disseminate best teaching and learning practice and contribute to the overall student and staff experience within the Department of Psychology, and at RHUL. Read more here


Social Psychology in the News (SPIN)

Dr. Samuel Fairlamb, Department of Psychology

Social Psychology in the News is a student-led discussion group whereby the aim is to provide students the opportunity to learn more about Psychology, and the use of their degree to explaining real-world phenomenon and popular news stories. Read more here


Media, Technology, and Credible Knowledge: The Royal Geographical Society as a Historical Geography Fieldwork Site

Benjamin Newman, PhD student, Department of Geography

This case study describes a fieldtrip created to make a tangible link between the class-taught elements of a third year advanced-level historical geography module titled: Exploration, Science, and the Making of Geography.  Read more here


Participatory student research: Tackling mental health at university

Dr Eilidh Cage, Department of Psychology

This initiative involved the development of a participatory research project focused on student mental health with final year psychology undergraduates. Read more here


Searching the City — Academic treasure hunt as pedagogic innovation

Dr Oli Mould & team, Department of Geography

The Academic treasure hunt at the start of the field trip to New York is designed to foster students’ active participation in the field — both by finding relevant places and by making sense of these places. Read more here


Interdisciplinary Futurism/Performing Dada’s Women

Dr Ruth Hemus and Prof Giuliana Pieri, School of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures

This one-day workshop, which took place at Tate Modern, was the first in a week-long series of events, Theatres of Exchange, bringing together school teachers and students, academics, university students, creative practitioners and the public visiting the museum to produce creative responses to artists’ work... Read more here


Academic Conference for Undergraduates: Engaging Students as Critical Writers and Discussants

Dr Ursula Hackett, Department of Politics and International Relations

This conference gave my third year undergraduates the opportunity to improve their writing, critical thinking and presentation skills in an intensive small-group setting with individualised feedback… Read more here


Magna Carta @ 800: Using Social Media to Structure and Enliven Field Trips for Politics Students

Dr Nicholas Allen & team from Politics & International Relations 

Social media and field trips are both under-utilised resources in the teaching of politics and international relations. Social media occupies a far more significant place in students’ lives than academics generally recognise. It constitutes an important potential mode of communication for structuring the learning environment and for facilitating engagement among students and with learning materials….Read more here


Psychology Mentoring Project

Dr Alana James, Department of Psychology  

This is a cross-age mentoring project run by Dr. Alana James, which started as a project funded by the Higher Education Academy…

Read more here

Carbon Literacy Training for all – inclusive, extra-curricular, impactful

Dr Sigrun M. Wagner, Department of Strategy, International Business and Entrepreneurship

Dr David Bullen, Department of Drama, Theatre and Dance/ Integrated Foundation Year

Prof Liz Schafer, Department of Drama, Theatre and Dance

The Carbon Literacy Training we provide is distinctive as it is offered to students and staff alike, regardless of background, disciplines or stage of study/career, unlike any other teaching at the college. It emphasises how climate change affects everyone and is thus a solution-oriented course that encourages individual and group climate action, regardless of learners’ role in the college. Read more here


Leveraging MS Teams for PGR Community Building and Social Support

Professor Fiona Moore and Dr Philip Wu, School of Business and Management

This innovation focuses on supporting PGR students in the School of Business and Management where many overseas students are either unable to travel to the UK or stuck in a foreign environment with very limited social support.  Read more here


The Psychology Debrief: A YouTube channel for those studying Psychology in Higher Education

Dr Samuel Fairlamb, Department of Psychology

The Psychology Debrief takes learning out of the classroom and to an online platform in order to develop a comprehensive database of discussions and videos to support learning, employability and achievement for students studying Psychology. Read more here


Santander Open Minds Scheme

Lisa Medd - Careers, David Hannaby – Alumni Relations

The Scheme is a unique offering of a supportive, paid placements programme tailored to students with a mental health condition and/ or a social communication impairment, ensuring participants feel empowered and educated on how to navigate the world of work and recruitment processes in an inclusive and focused way. Read more here


Virtual field trips in geosciences: Inclusive and accessible access to the world

Ian M. Watkinson, Domenico Chiarella, Dave Mattey and the Department of Earth Sciences

Our collaborative teaching innovation – a suite of Virtual Field Trips – attempt to refine the same cognitive skills in systematic observation, synthesis and problem solving that are gained during a physical field trip, using a variety of subtle techniques to simulate the immersive physical experience. Read more here


The Fantasy Logic League (FLL)

Dr. David Preston, Department of Politics, International Relations, and Philosophy

The Fantasy Logic League required participating teams to meet over their preferred video conferencing platform to solve a weekly series of zany logic puzzles designed to promote both critical and creative thinking.  Read more here


Enterprise Hub – an innovative approach to entrepreneurial education

Dr. Anica Zeyen, Dr. Ankit Gaur, Emilio Costales, Department of Strategy, International Business and Entrepreneurship

The Enterprise Hub provides co-curricular learning to all Royal Holloway students. Its aim is to equip students with the skillset to be entrepreneurial. In this case study, we outline some of the activities we offer which are spread throughout the academic year in a logical order. Students can join in at any time and do as many activities as they wish. Read more here


A Tour of Highgate Cemetery: Examining the Victorian Material Culture of Death through Object Analysis

Katie Carpenter, Department of History

This case study involved taking undergraduate students from Dr Jane Hamlett’s course Grand Designs: The Victorians and their Material Worlds to visit Highgate for a walking tour around the West Cemetery. Read more here


Project Directing: Competition Reality Shows as a Pedagogic Model

Dr Will Shüler, Department of Drama, Theatre and Dance with Department of Media Arts

Project Directing is a competition reality show inspired by popular television competition reality shows as a model to investigate game learning in Higher Education. Read more here


Teaching and Learning across borders in Europe’s Last Divided Capital City, Nicosia

Dr Alasdair Pinkerton & team from Departments of Geography & ISG 

This field trip was designed to support students to understand the social, cultural, and political geographies of everyday life across the divide. Read more here


Public Speaking for First-Year Historians

Katie Carpenter and Claire Kennan, Department of History

We designed, organised and implemented a two-day event for first-year students studying in the History Department to address the lack of formal training students receive in public speaking... Read more here


Encountering the Salient: Clues to the Absent and present legacies of WWI

Dr Alasdair Pinkerton & team from Geography & Politics & International Relations

Acknowledging  the centenary of the First World War, we designed a one-day participatory field trip to “Flanders Fields” and the Ypres Salient in Belgium and northern France. It  brought together students and staff from a diverse set of postgraduate taught and postgraduate research backgrounds in order to share diverse knowledge, perspectives and expertise and to build avenues for research collaboration…

Read more here


Social Work Ethics Film Club

Stefan Brown & Donna Jones, Department of Social Work

In 2011 the Department of Social Work used a small teaching initiative grant to develop a Film Club, which helps students connect theory to their practice while on placement and to develop a broader and contextual understanding of social work ethics... Read more here