Interdisciplinary Futurism/Performing Dada's Women

Dr Ruth Hemus and Prof Giuliana Pieri, School of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures

College Excellence Teaching Prize 2017


‘Interdisciplinary Futurism/Performing Dada’s Women’ was a double session that took place at Tate Exchange on 13 February 2017. It was the first in a week-long series of events, Theatres of Exchange, organised by Drama (Helen Nicholson, Georgina Guy) in the framework of the new partnership between The Tate and Royal Holloway. 

 Ruth Hemus



This one-day workshop, bringing together two closely-related topics, was developed and run by Giuliana Pieri and Ruth Hemus from the School of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures. 

Two 2 hour workshops were offered as well as activities that were set up and left for drop-in throughout the week. 

It brought together school teachers, pupils, academics, university students, creative practitioners and the general public visiting the museum and enabled them to produce playful, creative responses to artists’ work.


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Ruth and Giuliana discuss their experience of the workshops in more detail in this video:



Photo collage from the event:

 Collage final



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