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TeacherHub>English: Teaching American Literature Programme

Dr Deana Rankin and Dr Katie McGettigan, Department of English

TeacherHub>English was launched in 2015 to enable research-led knowledge transfer between KS5 teachers of English Literature. Read more here

Applying Student Critical Skills to Engender Active Youth Citizenship and Policymaker Engagement

Dr Akil Awan,  Department of History

Last year, the UK government proposed a new Counter Terrorism and Security Bill, which if passed would have far-reaching impacts on all UK citizens, including the monitoring of university students by their lecturers….

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Student Journals in Literary Theory

Professor Robert Eaglestone and Dr Elizabeth English, Department of English

The use of student journals in English as a discipline has been limited: this project aimed to explore this innovative practice and help the students tie the ‘theory’ into their concrete experiences, both intellectual and personal…

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Undertaking research with final year students: a survey of British MPs on British PMs

Dr Nicholas Allen, Department of Politics and International Relations

This innovative project involved a whole class of final-year UG students  in a piece of original empirical research, replicating a study undertaken by Kevin Theakston and Mark Gill…

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Using technology to improve the student experience and pedagogy in student projects

Professor David Cohen, Dr Carlos Matos and Dr Johannes Kinder, Department of Computer Science

On this final year project students choose a topic and work, under the guidance of a supervisor, for the whole academic year to produce software and a report.

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Operation Bornholm: Practising media-military relations

Dr Alasdair Pinkerton, Department of Geography & Dr Rikke Jensen, School of Law

This case study centres around a live scenario exercise developed to support students undertaking the course ‘Military and the Media’ as part of the MSc in Geopolitics and Security…

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Engagement with artists in refugee-responsive teaching: ‘Seeking Asylum in the 21st Century’

Dr Emma Cox (Drama and Theatre) and Dr Agnes Woolley (English)

The English / Drama joint honours course introduced a group of 17 final year undergraduate students to a wide range of contemporary representations of and responses to refugees, as well as to refugee-led arts practices.

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Student Empowerment, Public History and Wikipedia

Dr Akil Awan, Department of History

This novel project sought to creatively include students in the growing field of Public History, by providing them with the opportunity to contribute to the creation of open source knowledge through online-learning spaces like Wikipedia…

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