Sharing Perspectives of People with Learning Disabilities:An inclusive approach to Clinical Psychology training

Dr Kate Theodore (Lecturer / clinical tutor) & SNPF, a disabled people’s organisation, run for and by adults with learning disabilities: Martin Doyle, Richie Boakye, Samantha Johnson, John Wood.

RHUL Clinical Psychology department

This initiative involved a co-constructed teaching session by Kate Theodore and people with learning disabilities from a disabled people’s organisation, Hammersmith & Fulham Safety Net - People First (SNPF). This induction teaching took the following format:

  • Initial teaching session by Kate providing background context, assessment and diagnostic criteria for learning disability
  • A follow-up session led by people with learning disabilities, the goals of which were to help trainee clinical psychologists to understand more about what it's like to live with a learning disability, to improve communication with people with learning disabilities, and to dispel myths about working with people with learning disabilities

In the remainder of the induction block, trainees were able to consider, incorporate and reflect upon their understanding of service user perspectives presented so vividly in the introductory session.

Read more about this initiative in our poster and watch our video below to hear students talking about their experience of the teaching last year:





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