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Frequently asked questions

How do I access my timetable?

You can access your timetable here. From the My Timetable page you can view your timetable on line and create a link to a calendar application. The calendars supported are Outlook 365, Google Calendar and iPhone. A guide on how to download your timetable to a calendar application can be found in the links above.

What does the timetable show?

The timetable shows all synchronous activities (a learning event in which a group of students are engaging in learning at the same time). These can be on campus or online.

The timetable does not show any asynchronous activities (learning without real-time interaction).

Why can't I see my Summer Term Timetable?

We are currently working on the Summer Term timetables.  These will be released early in the New Year.

How do I get back to the previous webpage after viewing my timetable?

Please do not use the browser's back button, instead use the 'back to selection' link at the bottom left of the timetable.

My timetable is incomplete

Has your School informed the Timetabling Team of all of your teaching commitments this year? If your timetable is not showing everything you expected to see, you should talk to your School Administration.

My timetable is showing modules that I am not teaching

You should talk to your School Administration to let them know what is incorrect. They will pass this onto the Timetabling Team to change. Please allow at least 24hours for the change to appear on your timetable.

I have a clash in my timetable

You should talk to your School Administration as soon as possible to rectify the situation. They will pass this information onto the Timetabling Team who can either look to move one of the clashing classes or amend the teaching staff if a change is required.

Why do I have clashes for on campus and online activities?

This is due to the hybrid delivery of modules where a student attends in person on campus one week and joins online the following week.  This continues in an alternating week pattern. Your timetable shows both the on campus and online activity for the module at the same time. Students will just see either an on campus or online activity each week.

I want to change the day or time when I teach

The Academic Timetable has now been published. Changes after this time can only be made in exceptional circumstances. Please speak to your School Administration who can advise further.

I can’t upload my timetable to my smart phone

The calendars supported are Office 365, Google Calendar and iPhone/iPad. If you cannot upload to one of these calendars, you should seek help from IT. 

I’ve forgotten my phone. What classes do I have today?

You can access your personal timetable through the Staff Intranet or ask your School Administration to bring it up for you.

What does this room code mean?

See the map with building and room code list. The standard format is building name, then floor, then room number as it appears outside the room.

Why are there room names with a * at the beginning?

The locations beginning with a *, e.g. *WINDSOR-0-04, are the socially distanced sized version of a room.  All rooms have been timetabled into the * locations.

Why is there no room indicated?

Some activities are being delivered online and therefore there is no room allocated to the activity.  If the activity is online it will display in a light colour on your timetable and the word online will show after the activity type.  For example, Seminar - Online.

What happens if my timetable changes?

All changes will be reflected in your personal timetable, within a few minutes of the change taking place. Your calendar timetable will show the change the next time it refreshes.

DO NOT print your timetable as it is a live document and changes may be made at short notice.

How can I make ad hoc bookings?

Resource Booker will be open for Autumn Term ad-hoc bookings on 11 October and will be open for Spring Term ad-hoc bookings on 10 January. Contact your School Administration who can make bookings on your behalf. Please be aware that ad-hoc bookings should not be used for teaching activities.


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