Accessing existing photography

Original and creative images should be used to illustrate familiar themes. Your first point of call should be the image library which contains hundreds of searchable photographs of every aspect of university life, with all permissions secured. The image library is only accessible on campus, or by using the CampusAnywhere VPN

Can’t find what you need? Please email the team imagelibrary.

 Taking your own photographs

  1. They should feature real people from Royal Holloway; please try not to use stock photography of people.
  2. They should show real and relevant locations.
  3. If you are using them in printed materials, they should be high resolution in order to achieve a good quality (we recommend 300 dpi at the size they are being reproduced).
  4. You are responsible for seeking permissions from the individuals featured in your photographs. When filming in public locations, you need to affix this photography/filming notice. When taking photos/filming individuals, you need to get their written consent by asking them to complete this consent form, which can be completed digitally or printed.
  5. Do not copy and paste images from the internet without seeking permissions as this has legal implications.
  6. After the photo shoot, please contact the imagelibrary team so that they can upload them to the central Image library. Please also send a digital copy of the relevant completed consent form(s).

Professional photoshoots

If you would like to arrange a photoshoot with professional photographers, please contact the Design studio who can recommend suppliers.

Brand guidelines

Our brand identity has been developed to best reflect what we know our brand to be.

These guidelines explain how to write and talk about Royal Holloway, as well as how to use the logo, corporate colours, and fonts.

Read and download the full brand guidelines

Access the image library

Consent form for video or photography


Event photograph and video notice