Word templates

 Sample poster V2 AC 20200514

Microsoft Word templates

These templates will help you produce simple posters, postcards and newsletters within the College brand using Microsoft Word. They are not intended to be used for multi-page brochures, banners or other more complex materials. If you cannot find what you’re looking for here, please contact the Marketing Manager for your department or Gail Nevin in the Design Studio.

Step 1: Get started

Download the template guidelines document, which explains best practice, what the different templates can be used for and gives examples of finished documents.


Step 2: Select your template

I want to create a...

Portrait poster, advert or leaflet

In dark grey, mid-grey or white. A4 or A5 sizes available.


Landscape poster, advert or leaflet

In dark grey, mid-grey or white. A4 size.


Postcard, invitation or small leaflet

Portrait or landscape, in dark grey, mid-grey or white, A6 size.


Ticket for an event

In a variety of colours, A6 size


Four-page newsletter

E.g. for department or research news. A4 size


Black and white office documents

A4 size



For single and mail merge use


A4 Signs

A4 landscape and portrait general sign templates


DL Leaflet

2 sided, A4 landscape document consisting of three panels which fold in on each other to form a DL size 99 x 210mm flyer/leaflet.

Light Turquoise

Name badge template

A4 page consisting of name badge templates

Grey 25

Minimum software requirements

Microsoft Word 2013, or Word for Mac 2011.

Need help?

For technical help with Word please contact

Brand guidelines

Our brand identity has been developed to best reflect what we know our brand to be.

These guidelines explain how to write and talk about the College, as well as how to use the logo, corporate colours, and fonts.

Read and download the full brand guidelines