Writing style guide

Why does Royal Holloway need a writing style guide and how does it help you?

The written words that we use represent what Royal Holloway stands for, as much as its logo, choice of colours and images, and indeed the important work that goes on here. They should reflect and reaffirm the tone and personality of the organisation. 

English is a complex and constantly evolving language, in which old ‘rules’ may be eroding. This means in some cases we can be less formal. However, writing in an academic or specific professional context may be quite different from writing for the general public, and it is up to the writers in this case to select the appropriate language and conventions that best suit their purposes.  

To help you when communicating with the majority of our audiences, the university has decided on some common ‘dos and don’ts’ that should generally be adhered to, to achieve consistency of presentation and ease of understanding.

If we are to achieve our ambitions we need to engage our audiences effectively, and enable them to trust us. A writing style guide helps to ensure consistency and quality, and helps our audiences to feel reassured and eager to engage with us. 

Whether in print or digitally, we must strive to be consistent in our written style. This is a guide to help you do that.

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Our writing style guide covers conventions for addresses, abbreviations, font styles, layout, URLs, numbers, and punctuation.


Brand guidelines

Our brand identity has been developed to best reflect what we know our brand to be.

These guidelines explain how to write and talk about Royal Holloway, as well as how to use the logo, corporate colours, and fonts.

Read and download the full brand guidelines