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Events toolkit



If possible, we would recommend that you have a lead time of at least three months. This will allow time for invitations to be sent and RSVPs to be collated.

If you would like to request key academic/senior staff involvement in any part of your event, you should inform the Principal’s Office as soon as possible with dates and times. Heads of Schools should also be informed.


Accommodation is available at any time of year in the on-site guest house, The Hub (including wheelchair accessible bedrooms). Book your room here.

Audio visual services

Liaise with Audio Visual (IT Services) if you need any special requirements. You can also book an AV technician for the time period of your event, but this may incur additional costs.

Find out more about how to book audio visual equipment for your event.

Booking speakers 

Please refer to the procedure for inviting external speakers to events

It is very helpful to provide a briefing document to the speaker at least one week before the event detailing the running order, directions and parking, meet and greet details, details of VIP attendees, dress code etc.  

Car parking 

Due to limited parking spaces, it is vital for the safety and convenience of everyone, to control all vehicle movements and park in a sensible manner. Find out more about parking here.

The College operates an ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) system and it is essential that you register your event.


Internal catering should be booked via our online system. All catering requests need to be booked and finalised at least five working days in advance, or an administration charge will be incurred.

11 Bedford Square has two approved suppliers for catering:

If you would like to book external catering, please see our policy and procedure regarding non-Royal Holloway catering services.

If you will require the room to be set out in a certain way, or need any extra furniture, you will need to request this through our portering team. You should ensure that you give them enough notice to plan this in to their schedule by emailing them at least one week in advance. It is also helpful if you provide them with a document specifically listing all of your requirements.


What time of year you would like to host the event?

Check for any major clashes with similar events, bank and school holidays, reading weeks etc.

Corporate gifts

We have a small selection of corporate gifts, ranging from ties, scarves and books. Some of the items may incur a small cost. Please contact the Events Office.

First aid

We would recommend that a qualified first aider is present at your event.  If this not possible then, in the unlikely event that you will need first aid, contact the security office on 444.  A list of locations for automated external defibrillators can be found here.


Consider what format would work best for your event?

Book launch
Panel discussion

Invitations and ticketing

For large events or events which are likely to be very popular, we recommend using Eventbrite. We can advise on setting up and using Eventbrite for your event. Decide early on if you will need to reserve any seats/tickets for VIP guests so that these do not get allocated.

Consider whether your event will be entirely invite-only, or if you will allow people to just turn up on the day without an invitation or pre-booking. Think carefully about how you invite any VIPs - do you want to send formal invitations, letters, and emails?

Remember, some people do not use email so you may need to incorporate postal invites as well.  Formal invitations can be designed and printed in-house to your specifications. To help you create your own simple printed materials in the correct style, please see the range of user-friendly Word and PowerPoint templates for different types of documents and presentations.


The Marketing Group (part of Marketing and Communications) are responsible for maintaining and developing the profile of the university.

Outside events

If you require the use of outdoor space please refer to the outside space policy and procedure manual.

If you are planning to organise an outside event on College premises/land, please refer to the manual mentioned above and also to the policy and procedure for an application to hold an outdoor event on College premises.

Photography and filming

If you are planning to film or photograph your event you will need to complete the consent form for video or photography and put up an event photography and film notice.

Original and creative images should be used to illustrate familiar themes. Your first point of call should be the image library which contains hundreds of searchable photographs of every aspect of university life, with all permissions secured. If you would like to arrange a photo shoot with professional photographers, please contact the Design Studio who can recommend suppliers.


If you will require the room to be set out in a certain way or need any extra furniture, you will need to request this through the portering team.  You should ensure that you give them enough notice to plan this in to their schedule by emailing them at least one week in advance. It is also helpful if you provide them with a document specifically listing all of your requirements. Remember that you will also need to book the porters to clear and re-set after your event.

Prevent strategy

The prevent strategy is a government initiative to prevent terrorism by reducing the possibility of radicalisation. This strategy applies to all external speakers that speak on university premises, who are vetted to ensure they uphold the Freedom of Speech principles. This requirement is not onerous or meant to curtail legitimate activities, merely to ensure there can be full, equal and legal debate.


Publicise your event on the website and the staff and student intranets. Contact the following teams:

When submitting an event for the events webpage, staff intranet and student intranet, the following information is required:

  • event title
  • date
  • time
  • venue (if applicable)
  • type of event (eg workshop, concert, lecture)
  • short synopsis (30–50 words)
  • accompanying image (high resolution JPEG file - landscape 16:9)
  • Information on how to book (eg link to Eventbrite registration / email address)
  • contact details for further information (either a named individual, plus email and contact number or a relevant shared mailbox address)

The Digital Team are able to advise on approaches to social media. Detailed information on all the services available can be found on the digital best practice intranet pages.

Risk assessment

All events should routinely have a risk assessment carried out early in the planning process, and definitely before the event commences. Help and advice on carrying out risk assessments can be found on the Health and Safety Office intranet page. The risk assessment is a working document that is for the use of the event manager and personnel working at the event. It is there to help you identify risks and put in place sensible measures to control those risks.


If you are hosting a major event on campus, have a VIP visitor attending your event or your event covers a controversial subject matter or speaker, you should alert the Head of Security and PR Office so that appropriate measures can be put in place if needed.



How do I book a venue for my event?

Meeting rooms are bookable during weekday term-time from 8am - 10pm with the timetabling team. During weekends and vacations, rooms should be booked via the Conference and Events Office. PC Labs and Central London rooms can be booked through the timetabling team all year round. If you are booking a venue on behalf of a School then you should book it through your School admin team as they have access to Resource Booker. To book the Picture Gallery please refer to the guide and policy for booking events in the Picture Gallery.

Top tips!

  • Allocate a representative to greet and look after the speaker during the event.
  • Send your invitations out in good time to allow for collating and chasing responses. Put an RSVP date on your invitations. Decide what the RSVP process will be and who will handle any queries about the event.

  • Send out confirmation details one week prior to your event, including maps etc. If your speaker is doing a presentation ask for it to be sent before the event so that you can check it out.
  • Check the capacity of the room fits with your required layout for the event and number of guests. Think about if you will need additional break-out rooms or a 'green room' for refreshments, meetings, photo opportunity before or after the event.
  • Consider whether you would like music at your event? Choir, pianist, trio, quartet, all are available to book from the Department of Music (small fee be will incurred).
  • Visit your venue to familiarise yourself with entry/exit points and note any possible bottlenecks or hazards.  This will help you with risk assessments and decide if student ambassadors would be required to assist with crowd control at the event.