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If you are driving on College Business in your own car, you should ensure you have the correct insurance. In order to claim back expenses for mileage, you must submit a form to go on the approved drivers list. This list is approved by Health and Safety.  Details here.

If you need to drive a vehicle owned by the University, you will need to email an authorised driving declaration form (form below) along with a copy of your licence card front and back to

If you are a student and are driving for research or education purposes, then you must complete a declaration before we can reimburse your mileage.

Driver Declaration for Non Business Mileage

Business Travel Insurance

Staff and students are covered by the College’s Travel Insurance Policy provided that the Insurance Officer is informed of the trip in advance, any relevant risk assessment is completed and the travel is not against medical advice or advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

From 1 February 2015 no payment will be made to staff or students for any travel insurance taken out personally.

Partners and children accompanying the traveller can be covered by the policy subject to trip details and may incur an additional charge which must be paid personally by the traveller to College. Please refer to insurancequeries.

As the policy is a business travel insurance policy only - it is unable to cover personal vacation. Any stand-alone holiday will need to be covered by the traveller's own personal travel insurance cover for this period. The insurer will allow incidental days on a business trip dependent on the length, please email Insurancequeires for clarification.

For Student Placements, including Study Abroad, see the information on the Health and Safety website, in particular regarding insurance – it is the student’s responsibility to obtain appropriate insurance.

College will not make a claim for property or cancellation insurance of less than £100, any losses under this value should be notified to the Insurance officer and may be reimbursed to the individual. Medical and other claims will be met in full as will any property or cancellation claim over £100. 

No claim will be considered if the trip has not be advised to the Insurance Officer before travel unless there are exceptional circumstances to take into consideration.

Details of the policy are here.

Online Business Travel insurance Request  

BREXIT - If you are visiting Europe after BREXIT please refer to FCO guidelines - which include requiring 6 months on your passport. 

In the event of a no deal BREXIT, the University's Travel policy will still cover for emergency medical expenses and pre-existing conditions (as long as the traveler is not travelling against medical advice or in the case of a servere condition has a letter from their doctor confirming they are fit for travel).

To inform the Insurance Officer of a proposed trip, complete the online form.

*Fieldwork risk assessments must be completed and approved by the department prior to completing the online form. For assitance with risk asessements please refer to your department contact or the Health and Safety webpages for guidance.

Employers and Public Liability Certificates

Ministry of Justice Reforms

For Claimant Solicitors, Ministry of Justice Reports, please see

MOJ Important Information for Claimant Solicitors


Loan of equipment form

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