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Fire safety frequently asked questions


This page provides answers to questions on a range of fire safety matters. If you need any additional advice that isn't contained within this webpage, please contact the College Fire Safety Officer.

Frequently asked questions are available on the following fire safety areas:

Departmental Health and Safety Induction:

Will I receive any fire safety information during departmental health and safety induction?

Yes, during the first day you will receive information on the emergency fire procedures that are relevant to your work area and building.

This will include:

  • The frequency of testing of the fire alarm
  • The action to be taken in the event of discovering a fire
  • Location of the nearest fire alarm call point
  • The procedures to follow in the event of the fire alarm sounding
  • Escape routes (including alternative escape routes) and the operation of any exit devices
  • Circumstances under which staff should attempt to fight a fire (i.e. only trained College Fire Marshals)
  • Location of the fire assembly point
  • Identification of fire marshals for the building
  • Any other issues that could affect your ability to evacuate in the event of a fire alarm.

Fire safety training:

Will I be provided with fire safety training at the College?

Yes, all College staff are required to complete periodic basic fire safety training covering a wide range of fire safety information. Further information on fire safety training is provided at the following link: Fire Safety Training

Who provides this fire safety training?

This is provided via an e-learning package hosted in Moodle, which staff are able to work through at their own workstation.

Does the College have designated Fire Marshals?

Yes, an essential part of the College’s Fire Safety arrangements is the effective management of the evacuation of buildings, in the event of fire or fire alarm. Fire Marshals play a key role in these evacuations, along with other minor aspects of fire safety.

Are designated Fire Marshals provided with training to undertake this role?

Yes, Fire Marshals receive a level of fire safety awareness training above that described above. Fire Marshal training is provided by the College Fire Safety Officer.

The training course is a 2½ hour session and delegates are introduced to:

  • Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 – Responsible person
  • Fire safety features of a building
  • Actions to be taken by a Fire Marshal in the event of the fire alarm sounding
  • Basic fire science – triangle of fire
  • Correct selection and use of the portable Fire Extinguishers found in College buildings
  • The day-to-day role of a Fire Marshal.

The practical handling of fire extinguishers will enable Fire Marshals to become designated, first response users.

You can find out who the fire marshals are in your building by clicking on the following link: List of Fire Marshals

Fire evacuation procedures:

What do I do if I discover a fire?

If you discover a fire you must:

  1. Operate the nearest fire alarm and call point
  2. Dial 444 (or 01784 443888 from an external line or mobile) to notify Security, who will call the Fire Brigade
  3. Leave the building by the nearest exit
  4. Report to your designated assembly point

What do I do on hearing the fire alarm?

If you hear the fire alarm you must:

  1. Leave the building by the nearest route
  2. Close the door behind you
  3. Report to your designated assembly point
  4. Do not return to the building until authorised to do so
  5. Do not use lifts

Where is my fire assembly point?

Each building has a designated Assembly Point, and that is shown (usually as a number) on the Fire Action Notices by the Fire Alarm Call Points.

Click on the following link for further details of designated assembly points.

Fire alarm testing schedule:

When is the fire alarm tested in my building?

Fire alarms in each building are tested at the same time every week.

Please click on the following link to find out when your building's fire alarm is tested: Fire Alarm Testing Schedule.

Fire drills:

When is the drill for my buildings?

Fire drills are conducted annually for each building.

Please click on the following link in order to find out the date of your buildings fire drill: Schedule for Fire Drills.