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Health and Safety Committees


This committee structure forms part of our management arrangments.

Health and Safety Assurance Committee

Chaired by an independent member of Council, appointed by the Governing Body.

The purpose of the Committee, is on behalf of the Council, to satisfy itself that the College is managing all activities in accordance with its responsibilities in respect of the health and safety of staff, students and any other persons who could be affected by such activities. The Chair of the Committee (and other members representing Council) will seek assurance from members of the senior management team through an ongoing review of the College’s management arrangements and health and safety performance.

Reports to Council and the terms of reference, including minutes and agendas, can be found at the following link:  Health and Safety Assurance Committee.

Health and Safety Management Committee

Chaired by the Director of Governance and Legal Services and is a sub-committee of the Planning and Resources Committee.

This Committee has been established under the delegated authority of the Principal, with the purpose of developing and managing the College’s health and safety policy and strategy. The Committee also monitors the health and safety performance of the College, reviews incidents and provides a forum for obtaining input from management and representatives of the Health and Safety Office on the development and direction of health and safety at the College.

Reports to the Planning and Resources Committee and the Health and Safety Assurance Committee. The terms of reference can be found at the following link: Health and Safety Management Committee.

Health and Safety Consultative Group

The College consults with and involves staff and student representatives on health and safety issues. It achieves this formally through the Health and Safety Consultative Group.

The purpose of the Consultative Group is:

  • To meet the statutory requirement for the College to consult with its employees on health and safety-related issues, specifically, the following Regulations: the Safety Representatives and Safety Committees Regulations 1977 (as amended) the Health and Safety (Consultation with Employees) Regulations 1996 (as amended)
  • To be the formal means for representatives of management, staff and students to meet regularly for the purpose of establishing and developing a positive and progressive health and safety culture.

Reports to the Health and Safety Management Committee and is chaired by the Director of Health and Safety. The terms of reference, minutes and agendas, can be found at the following link:  Health and Safety Consultative Group.

The College recognises health and safety representatives appointed by UCU, UNITE and GMB. Representatives of the Students’ Union are also invited to represent the student body. Furthermore, the College will consult with staff and students as appropriate on relevant issues related to health and safety performance.

Commitee structure

Overview of committee structure