Display screen equipment assessor

The course is designed for those undertaking the role of departmental Display Screen Equipment Assessor. 

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Course details:

The course comprises:

  • The main harms associated with display screen work
  • Risk factors for display screen work
  • Completing a DSE assessment, including the College's methodology for conducting and reviewing assessments
  • An awareness of the legal requirements
  • Reducing risk by improving workstation design/layout and good work practices

By the end of this course, participants will be able to: 

  • Identify hazards and assess risks from the workstation and the type of display screen work being done
  • Carry out DSE assessments and identify steps to reduce risk
  • Appreciate the importance of implementing/reviewing the findings of assessments and advising staff on the minimisation of risk through good work practices
  • Recognise when to seek further advice, including referral to Occupational Health.

Target audience: This course is relevant to, and essential for, all staff who are required to conduct DSE assessments on behalf or their Department.

Delivery method: Face-to-face, including syndicate exercises. 

Course dates:

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Course duration:

3 hours

Course venue:

To be confirmed with delegate once course is booked.

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A list of current Display Screen Equipment Assessors can be accessed at the following link:

Display Screen Equipment Assessors (by Department)

Please note: If a Department is not published in this list, then there is nobody currently trained to undertake this designated role.

If you require additional information to that contained on this page, please contact the College's Director of Health and Safety or another member of staff in the Health and Safety Office.

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