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Fire Training


The College has a statutory duty to carry out fire safety training for all staff, both on induction, and periodically thereafter. Some staff will also volunteer or be selected to become Fire Marshals, which will involve some additional specialist training, including practical operation of fire extinguishers.

Details of the levels of fire training are as follows:


This forms the first part of the College's Departmental Health & Safety Induction Checklist, and covers the essential elements that each staff member requires, to ensure their own and others’ safety in the event of fire. Staff must undergo this induction regardless of how short or long their employment.

Periodic Refresher:

This is provided via an e-learning package hosted in Moodle, which staff are able to work through at their own workstation and which builds on the Induction Training by covering a wider range of fire safety information.

To access the course introduction and the link to the Moodle course page click here

Fire Marshal:

Heads of Department are required to nominate sufficient persons to take on the role of a Fire Marshal within the buildings/areas that they occupy. Fire Marshals will be required to undertake specific duties in the event of an evacuation of the department/building due to the fire alarm sounding.

In order for them to be deemed competent in fulfilling this role they will attend a half-day training session which builds on the Induction and Periodic training by introducing them to:

  1. Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 - Responsible Person
  2. Fire safety features of a building
  3. Actions to be taken by a Fire Marshal in the event of the fire alarm sounding
  4. Basic fire science - triangle of fire
  5. Correct selection and use of the portable fire extinguishers found in College buildings
  6. The day-to-day role of a Fire Marshal
  7. Practical fire extinguisher operation

The practical handling of fire extinguishers will enable Fire Marshals to become designated, first response users.


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