Fieldwork and Travel


The Fieldwork and Travel policy covers the health and safety requirements for all visits, fieldwork, field trips, expeditions, research and adventurous activities both inside and outside of the United Kingdom.

The College defines Fieldwork as: 

Any ‘work carried out by staff or students for the purposes of teaching, research or other activities while representing the institution off-site’.

The College defines Travel as:

another term for Fieldwork (typically used for a single person travelling)

The definition of Fieldwork explicitly covers those travelling for College related business, even though this may not have traditionally been considered fieldwork.

The definition includes activities as diverse as attendance at conferences and recruitment fairs, or undertaking social science interviews, as well as activities more traditionally associated with the term fieldwork such as survey or collection work carried out by geologists or biologists.

Where any doubt exists as to the action to be taken, or advice and assistance is required, please contact the Health and Safety Office.

For more information:


Please contact the Health and Safety Office for advice on this Policy and Fieldwork Risk Assessments

Further advice on insurance matters can be sought from the College Insurance Officer