Children and vulnerable adults should never experience abuse of any kind and Royal Holloway recognises its important role in safeguarding those who could be affected by the College’s work.

Employees of Royal Holloway who work with children or vulnerable adults, either on or off campus, as part of College business, will safeguard the welfare of all of these individuals

Employees of Royal Holloway must report any concerns to the Designated Safeguarding Lead who will investigate as appropriate.

Safeguarding Policy (version 1, March 2020)

Appendix 1: Safeguarding of Students (SAW)
Appendix 2: Maintenance
Appendix 3: Student Union Safeguarding (SU) – to follow
Appendix 4: Staff Safeguarding (HR) – to follow
Appendix 5: Library Services
Appendix 6: Sports Centre Safeguarding (Sports Centre)
Appendix 7: Careers Service
Appendix 8: Safeguarding in Research (Research and Innovation)
Appendix 9: Schools and College Liaison Team
Appendix 10: Security
Appendix 11: Safeguarding for Commercial Services (Commercial)
Appendix 12: Specific Academic Programs (EPMS)
Appendix 13: Specific Academic Programs (LSS)
Appendix 14: Specific Academic Programs (LSE)
Appendix 15: Specific Academic Programs (PDA) – to follow
Appendix 16: Specific Academic Programs (Business and Management)
Appendix 17: Specific Academic Programs (Humanities)
Appendix 18: Specific Academic Programs (Doctoral School)
Appendix 19: Guidance on what to look for
Appendix 20: Guidance for staff
Appendix 21: International Study Group (ISG)

Where any doubt exists as to the action to be taken, or advice and assistance is required, please contact the Designated Safeguarding Lead.

For more information

Further advice on safeguarding matters can be sought from the Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Please contact the Health and Safety Office for advice on this Policy.