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Visitor Health and Safety Induction

Guidance for Visitors to the College

A health and safety induction should be conducted for visitors to the College for one week or more, using the College “Visitor Induction Checklist” e.g. visitors to the College as part of an event, those who come to undertake work for the College e.g. external consultants, auditors, work experience students, etc.

Visitor Induction Checklist

In some cases the provision of an information leaflet with relevant information may be appropriate e.g. conference guests, summer schools, etc.  Follow the link to information for visitors to the College: 

Health and Safety Information for Visitors to the College 

If your visitor is here for a day and you are with them for the duration of the visit:

An induction is not required. It is the responsibility of the member of staff to ensure the visitor leaves the building in the event of a fire alarm, receive first aid, etc.

Please also note Visiting Teachers guidance on the Health and Safety Office website:

Visiting Teachers Guidance

All contractors are required to sign in at reception in the Estates Building and complete an induction.  Outside of normal working hours, contractors must report to Security in Founders.

Visitors to the College Flowchart

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For enquiries please contact

Elaine Cassidy
Health and Safety Officer (Auditor)
Extension 3029