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Work at Height


Work at height will range from the routine use of a stepladder to retrieve files on shelving which is an activity undertaken in many Departments, to potentially higher risk activities undertaken by, or under the control of the Estates Department such as on the roofs of College buildings which could present unusual and difficult access issues. Specific work undertaken in other Departments is also frequently undertaken at height and presents particular risks.

The following documents relate to work at height:

  • Work at  Height Policy and Procedure (Version 2, June 2010)
  • Work at Height Flowchart - the following flowchart has been developed to assist departments in identifying the actions necessary to manage the risk from work at height
  • Generic risk assessment - use of stepladders - a generic risk assessment for using a stepladder in the office environment.  This assessment can be adapted for assessing the specific circumstances within a department
  • Work at height - Practical guidance for departments - The following document give examples of generic good practice and should be adapted to suit the specific work being undertaken following a suitable and sufficient risk assessment
  • HSE website - link to the Health and Safety Executive website which contains comprehensive guidance and good practice on working at height

Where any doubt exists as to the action to be taken or advice and assistance is required, please contact the College Health & Safety Office (Estates).

For enquiries please contact:

Matt Dickson
Health and Safety Officer (Estates)
01784 443353
Extension 3353