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Work Experience


Undertaking work experience can have many benefits including helping school children with career choices, improving their CV, networking future work possibilities and acquiring specific workplace skills. It is also an excellent opportunity to give pupils a good grounding in health and safety.

In providing a young person with a work experience placement, or employment, the College has similar responsibilities for their health, safety and welfare as for any employee. However, it must apply these responsibilities to a greater degree. For this reason, the College has a Policy and Procedure for Work Experience/Employment of Young People. If you are responsible for work experience students or young persons then please ensure you comply with these requirements and make this an experience for them to remember, not forget!

The following documents relate to work experience:

Where any doubt exists as to the action to be taken or advice and assistance is required, please contact the College Health & Safety Officer (Auditor).

For enquiries please contact:

Elaine Cassidy
Health and Safety Officer (Auditor)
01784 443029
Extension 3029