How do I renew an ILL item?

Please contact the team at to request a renewal.

Items can be renewed 3 times, subject to recall, with a charge of £5 for any subsequent renewals. If an item is recalled by the lending institution, you will not be able to renew it.

The ILL team will be able to advise you on the loan period of a renewed item.

How do I use a 'For Use in the Library Only' item?

Some ILL items will be 'For Use in the Library Only', which means they cannot be removed from the library.

You will need to collect the item from the Library Helpdesk in the Library in the Davison Building. Please bring your College card with you and return the item to the Library Helpdesk before you leave, each time you wish to use it.

The usual copyright restrictions regarding printed items also apply to Library Only items; however, some Library Only items cannot be photocopied and this will be stated clearly within the item.

How do I order a thesis?

We recommend visiting our Theses page and checking the suggested databases for the thesis you require.

If you wish to submit an ILL request for a thesis, you may do so by following the standard procedure for submitting an ILL request. Please leave a note in the comment box of the form, stating that the item you require is a thesis.

For any additional assistance, contact

Digital Documents from the British Library

Electronic ILL requests for book chapters and articles that are fulfilled by the British Library’s On Demand service are made available through DRM Lite.

What are the benefits of DRM Lite?

  • No need to download additional software. As long as you have Acrobat Reader 10 or above, you are sorted.
  • Documents are locked to a user rather than a device. You can access your article from any device with Internet access.
  • The new delivery method works with Mac devices.

What are the requirements?

  • You will need Acrobat Reader 10 or above to view your document
  • You have to be registered with the British Library On Demand service
  • You have to be online to view your document
  • The best browsers to use are Internet Explorer or Firefox for Windows and Safari for Mac. If you use Chrome, you will need to disable Chrome PDF viewer first
  • Avoid creating a username containing the @ symbol, as this could cause the document to fail to open

How do I download my document?

  • You will receive an email from with a link to the document
  • If you haven’t already done so, register with British Library On Demand. This is a separate account from any BL Membership you may already have
  • After five minutes, you will be able to download your file with the username and password you chose during registration for 30 days from dispatch
  • Once downloaded, we recommend that you save it; you will then be able to view the document for up to 3 years
  • You can keep copies of your document on multiple devices, including tablets and smartphones
  • The document may only be printed once and it is recommended that you print it immediately

Help and Information

For further information and guidance, please consult DRM Lite FAQs or contact us via email at or by phone on 01784 443122.

Information about the previous delivery method is available at SED FAQ.


Need help?

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