Umbraco user surgeries

Optimising the website

The digital team are running monthly surgeries to help CMS users with their web content.

These hour-long sessions will be used to assist, advise and demonstrate how best to use the website and optimise your content. The aim of these sessions is to deal with content tasks rather than large section changes, technical fixes or functionality requests.

There are 4 slots, held in the Marketing and Communications meeting room once a month. To book onto a session, please email digital@rhul.ac.uk with the subject line: Umbraco user surgeries

Please include details of your content problem, the solution you are hoping for, as well as links to the webpages and screengrabs (if appropriate).

Sessions are allocated on a first come, first serve basis and meeting will be held in the Marketing and Communications Meeting room (FS1-03)


Friday 21 June- 1-5PM
Friday 19 July- 1-5PM
Friday 23 August- 1-5PM
Friday 20 September- 1-5PM
Friday 18 October - 1-5PM