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How to add the acceptance date :

The Team need to know the full acceptance date in order to check REF OA eligibility and to provide support to authors including reminders of the REF requirements.

There is an "Accepted / In press" field in the Publication state section:

Pure new acceptance date field 

Colleagues should type the full acceptance date in Pure as above.

How to add the evidence of the date of acceptance

Authors must also add the evidence of the date when the article was accepted for publication. The evidence of the acceptance date must be added into Pure in order for the OA Team to be able to confirm that the three months deadline, set by the REF, has been met. 

The evidence can be:

  1. an email sent by the publisher showing the acceptance date
  2. the DOI or URL to the publisher's website showing the full acceptance date on the article record page eg:

Acceptance date on publishers website

The evidence can be provided in either of the following 2 ways:

Colleagues should type in the full acceptance date in to the "Acceptance / In press" field and then:

  1. If the full acceptance date is displayed on the article record at the publisher's website via the DOI / URL, then the DOI / URL needs to be added to Pure. DOIs and URLs are added via the "Electronic version(s), related files and links" section and clicking on "Add electronic version (file, DOI or link)" and selecting the DOI and / or URL option.
  2. If the full acceptance date is not displayed on the article page on the publisher's website URL or DOI, then please add the acceptance email as below.

Acceptance email:

The acceptance email is the email that is often sent when all the academically necessary changes have been made to the content. It is possible that other emails can be sent to indicate other stages of the process such as acceptance for inclusion into conferences, special issues or general acceptance that an article is requested and there can follow a process of writing the article, review and editing. The acceptance email is likely to indicate that all changes have been made and the article content is now "complete" and ready for publication and this is the most appropriate email to upload to Pure.

The evidence of the acceptance date as an email should be provided as a screenshot of the email saved as either a Word or PDF document. Screenshots can be created using the Print screen key on a keyboard and then pasting the image into Word.

 Acceptance email cropped

 To add the acceptance email to Pure:

  1. Type the full acceptance date into the "Accepted / In press" field in the Publication state section.
  2. Complete the details of the article and then Save the record.
  3. Go back to the Publication state section and click "Edit" to the right of the Acceptance date:

Pure ACC Edit button

   4.      The button to then add the evidence will appear.

   5.     The file can be browsed to and uploaded to Pure. Click "Create"

Pure ACC email added 

Acceptance emails will never be made visible.

Please do not overwrite or delete the date of acceptance. When subsequent publication dates need to be added, please add another line in the Publication state section so all dates are displayed so there is a full audit trail.

 Pure all dates

The OA team will continue to monitor the method of collection of the acceptance date and the evidence to see if further streamlining can be done.

Updated 9th July 2021

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