Articles that are published OA


Articles that are published as OA articles do not need to meet the Deposit requirement of depositing the accepted manuscript into Pure. They meet the OA policy requirements by being published as OA articles.

The advice for authors publishing an article as OA:

  1. Add the article record to Pure as normal including the date of acceptance
  2. Add the DOI and select "Final published version" for "Document version" and "Open" for "Public access to file"
  3. The author's accepted manuscript can still be added to Pure. This would be an advisable option if there is any doubt in the article being ultimately published OA as if this did not happen, the accepted manuscript would have to have been deposited into Pure within 3 months of acceptance in order for the article to be REF OA eligible.

 The OA Team in the Library will check the records and ensure that the DOI and URL to the OA article have been added and that the article has been published OA.

Updated 9th July 2021

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