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The author’s final peer-reviewed version of the output, also known as the postprint or “Author’s Accepted Manuscript” needs to be deposited into Pure.

The author's accepted manuscript version of an article is the version that has been submitted to the publisher after peer review and with all amendments made by the author in line with any comments or recommendations. This version usually has identical content to the version that will appear in the journal but without the publisher’s layout and formatting (over which the publisher retains copyright).

HEFCE version diagram 

Please upload the author's accepted manuscript without comments and text mark up as when the article is made OA (according to the publisher’s policy), these comments will be seen by anyone reading the file.


If the manuscript has been accepted or provisionally accepted pending minor revisions, the manuscript must then be uploaded that contains the final changes made after the peer-review within the three month period from when the manuscript has been accepted for publishing. If minor changes are made to the manuscript following acceptance, the updated document should be added to Pure as a new version.


Please do not deposit the publisher’s PDF - the version where the publisher has applied typesetting and copy-editing. The publisher’s version of a paper is the version as it appears in the journal, usually including the publisher’s in-house formatting, layout and fonts, as well as bibliographic details at the top or bottom of the page. The publisher’s version will be the version viewed on electronic journal publisher’s websites or within print journals. Please do not deposit this publisher's version.


If you have uploaded a pre-print (a manuscript that has not been through the peer-review process) onto a subject repository (such as ArXiv), this version of the output does not meet the REF OA requirements. You are still required to upload into Pure the final peer-reviewed version of the manuscript once it has been accepted for  publishing.

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