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Royal Holloway provides access to Figshare for Institutions: royalholloway.figshare.com

The launch of Figshare for Institutions makes it easier for researchers and the College to comply with external funding requirements. Many funders (including the RCUK Councils) expect data with an acknowledged long-term value to be preserved and remain accessible and useable for future research. The College’s Figshare data archive provides an in-house system to facilitate this. Data sharing has many benefits for all researchers: it can increase the impact of research by allowing others to reuse results and findings and build on existing work. It also adds to the scientific record and improves scientific integrity.

Guidance on uploading your data to Royal Holloway's Figshare repository is available in an online training session recording available here.

Data which supports and validates your published research should also be preserved and, where possible, should be openly accessible to other interested researchers. ESRC and NERC part fund data archives where data funded by them can be deposited. ESRC data can be deposited in the UK Data Service and NERC data can be deposited in one of the NERC data centres. Other data centres also exist and a comprehensive list can be found on the Re3data website. A list of alternative data repositories is available here.

If you are funded by EPSRC then you should abide by the EPSRC data expectations. You should:

  • Deposit your data in Royal Holloway's data repository where it will be securely preserved and given a citable DOI.
  • Add metadata only records for data which is held elsewhere.

Deposited data could include:

  • Data which supports published research
  • Data required to be preserved by your funder
  • Data required to be preserved by your publisher
  • Data with a recognised long term value to you
  • Data with a recognised long term value to other researchers
  • Data which cannot be easily replicated

 You can:

  • upload any file type and most files preview in the browser
  • store confidential and embargoed data
  • use it to get a DOI for your data, collaborate with other researchers, or collect and collate data into groups
  • Figshare meets funder mandates around open and sustainable data storing

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