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Skills teaching


Information Consultants are experts in helping students and staff find, evaluate and use information. To find out more about what the library staff can teach, check our Information Literacy Teaching Framework. To find out more about our online teaching, see our case study and the Library Moodle page.

If you would like support for yourself or a colleague, schedule an appointment with your Information Consultant who will be happy to meet with you on a one to one basis.  Information Consultants can help staff with areas such as reading lists, avoiding plagiarism and systematic literature reviews.

If your students need more support with finding information, evaluating sources, referencing or communicating their research, your Information Consultant will be happy to help. You can book an Information Consultant to teach these skills to your students when they are most needed, for example before an assignment deadline.  

If you would like to book an individual or group teaching session, contact your Information Consultant by emailing libraryliaison@rhul.ac.uk or you can find their individual contact details on our Information Consultants page.