How to book a hybrid space

Resources and guidance on booking the hybrid spaces available on campus

Office-based professional services colleagues can book all hybrid working meeting rooms, hot desks and your directorate zoned desks through Resource booker. Simply log in with your staff email address and usual password. 

In the drop downs below you will find user guides and here are some further handy tips:

  • Collaborative spaces (such as Lower Herringham or the SCR) cannot be booked in advance as they are designed for drop in use. Through resource booker you can book your directorate zoned/hybrid desks, as well as meeting rooms and hot desks across campus
  • Each directorate has a super user who can provide support in using Resource Booker
  • You can book a space on behalf of another colleague however you cannot edit or cancel someone else's booking unless you are a super user
  • Note that when you enter your booking details, these are viewable by all colleagues
  • Once a booking has been made you will receive a confirmation email, these may end up in your clutter for the first couple of occassions
  • Each hybrid space has a factsheet available with useful information and you can also contact our Hybrid Working Network with any questions about the spaces
  • If you have any questions about the use of resource booker, please contact your team manager or directorate super user. 

 Hybrid hub

The hybrid hub hosts all information about hybrid working and our spaces, including a factsheet on each of the spaces and the resources available within them.

Resource Booker User Guide

You can access the resource booker user guide here

Resource Booker Super Users

Super users can access a dedicated user guide here, and watch a recording of super user training here