Asymptomatic testing from campus

Egham and London 

Egham and London

We are running our start of term lateral flow testing on the Egham campus in the Picture Gallery until Friday 15 January and we are expecting all students and staff who are on campus to take at least one test, unless they are exempt. From Monday 18 January, test availability will move to Mondays and Thursdays until at least Monday 22 February.. Students and staff who attend campus regularly are also encouraged to be tested on a weekly basis through this test centre.

The test centre will be open on Monday and Thursday mornings between 8am and 12 noon, up until at least  Monday 22 February.  To book a test at the Egham centre in February, please follow this link. If you would like to book a test at the Egham centre for March, please follow this link

Testing is also available for students and staff at the Central London campus at the University of London led facility at Student Central in Bloomsbury. Tests can be booked at the Central London campus by following this link.

Lateral flow tests are simple to take, and you need to take two within three days of one another. Tests don’t need to go to a lab and results are provided within one to two hours depending on demand.  Tests involve you taking a swab from the back of your throat and your nose.  You can watch a video about lateral flow tests here and learn more about the tests here.

More information is in our FAQs on the student intranet.

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You can read read this information on the student intranet