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Welcome to Equality and Diversity at Royal Holloway 

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The College has made a commitment to the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion for all, and strives to go beyond the public sector duty placed upon us by the Equality Act 2010. We believe that all staff, students and visitors should find the College to be a supportive and nurturing environment, free from bullying, harassment, discrimination or victimisation, and we hope that we can support this to be the case through our proactive equality and diversity work. One of our main priorities has been to ensure all our policies, existing and new, are inclusive to all employees.

The College is committed to ensure that:

It creates a positive, inclusive environment, free from prejudice, bullying, harassment and unlawful discrimination. We will take action to challenge inappropriate behaviour and discriminatory practice;

Staff, students, applicants for employment or study, visitors and other persons in contact with the College are treated fairly, with dignity and respect;

People and diverse groups with multiple identities and individual differences are recognised and valued;

We will provide our staff and associates with the knowledge and skills they need to understand and meet their equality and diversity responsibilities.

(From the Royal Holloway Equality Scheme 2014-17.) 


The Equality & Diversity team offers support to both staff and students regarding equality and diversity issues, whether organisational or linked to the individual. 

Royal Holloway’s central Equality & Diversity (E&D) Committee is chaired by Christine Goodyear. who is a Royal Holloway Council Member. The committee is responsible for formulating policy, and reviews and reports on the progress against the College’s Equality and Diversity scheme.

Professor Rosemary Deem, Vice Principal for Teaching Innovation, and Equality & Diversity, chairs the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee, which oversees the on-going development and implementation of all strategies, policies and procedures designed to embed the promotion of equality and diversity across the institution. The EDI Committee aims to promote a fair and inclusive learning and working environment within Royal Holloway. Reporting mechanisms are in place to ensure that staff E&D Networks and E&D committees (including at departmental level) are represented on the Committee.

Each academic department within the College has an Equality Champion who leads on E&D initiatives and projects, working alongside a range of services, including research and enterprise services/support, the Students’ Union, the Health and Wellbeing team, the College’s Chapel (non-denominational), HR the Organisation Development team and many others. 

Equality, diversity and inclusion awareness and training

Royal Holloway offers Equality, Diversity and Inclusion training to staff, with some courses being compulsory for some staff cohorts (e.g. those on recruitment and promotion panels). See here for further information on E&D-related courses available. Here you can find a selection of resources.


For further information please contact:

Susan Lee - Equality and Diversity Officer (HR)

Katerina Finnis - Equality and Diversity Co-ordinator (HR)

Or email


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