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Unconscious Bias 

You can listen to a recording of the "Unconscious Bias in relation to the REF" workshop (please listen to both):




The powerpoint presentation on unconscious bias and the REF can be found below:

EDI UB REF RD summarise



Here is a video on microaggressions as part of the Office of Students Hate Crime Project. it shows examples of homophobia, disablism, Islamophobia, racism and xenophobia inspired by the experiences of staff and students at the University of Wolverhampton.


Hate Crime

A short video explaining what a hate crime is (Newcastle University).



Good Practice Guides

Here you can read our Royal Holloway Equality and Diversity Good Practice Guides which includes 'How to be a Trans Ally', 'How to be an LGBT Ally', 'Top Tips for colleagues with a disability', 'Top Tips for line managers supporting colleagues with a disability', 'Menopause at Work guidance for managers' with more in the pipeline (including 'Microaggressions in the Workplace').  


If you have any questions about these resources please email



Below you can view a video that explains what intersectionality is. the video is comissioned and produced by Professor Peter hopkins, Newcastle University. 




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