About Us


The Organisation Development team works with individuals and departments to develop a responsive, flexible and capable workforce.

We support staff, managers, and teams to develop themselves and ensure they are better placed to achieve their individual career goals, and help Royal Holloway reach its strategic aims.


Head of Organisational Development and Diversity: Ellie Rayner Tel: 01784 443351

Organisational Development Consultant: Ann-Marie Spence Tel: 01784 443865

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager: Katerina Finnis Tel: 01784 276794

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer: Stevie Atherton Tel: 

Organisational Development Officer: Caroline Portwain Tel: 01784 276022

Organisational Development Officer: Lorraine Lewis Tel: 01784 276254

Organisational Development Programme Officer: Joy Willshire Tel: 01784 414620

Organisational Development Administrator: John Randell Tel: 01784 276495