Coaching and Mentoring


Coaching and mentoring are positive and proven approaches to personal development. They use one-to-one discussions to help individuals to improve their performance and achieve specific career and work-based aims.

Coaches and mentors use a similar approach and skills. Mentors are usually more experienced colleagues who use their greater knowledge to provide guidance and advice, while coaches do not tend to offer advice, and do not need to have had first-hand experience in a coachee’s line of work. Instead they use powerful questions and active listening to help coachees to shape their own solutions.

The College has developed an internal coaching and mentoring pool whereby staff can access the support of an internal coach or mentor. This is supported by an online database of internal coaches and mentors which staff are able to search and use to make direct contact with a coach or mentor.


Coaching enables you to explore specific issues, goals and ambitions that you encounter at work, and find ways to achieve your aims.



Mentoring utilises the experience of an experienced colleague who has specific professional expertise in a particular field of interest that is relevant to the mentee

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