Leadership Behaviours Framework


Effective leadership and management is a critical element in the success of the College. With the sector facing significant challenges in the coming years, it is essential all leaders and managers across Royal Holloway, have the necessary skills and abilities. We have committed to increasing the focus and quality of support we provide to them and have therefore enhanced and expanded our development offerings. 

The Leadership Behaviours Framework (shown below) sets out the behaviours and actions (related to our core values and culture) expected, whilst allowing for individual differences. 



Discover more about each aspect of the framework in the boxes below. 


Collaboration and partnership

Promoting joint working with internal and external partners toward shared outcomes


Communicating a shared vision

Seeing the bigger picture and translating it into service priorities


Leading yourself

Understanding how your own behaviour influences your effectiveness as a leader


Leading others

Building teams which people enjoy being part of and giving their best


Ensuring delivery

Taking responsibility for ensuring results are achieved, with and through others