Business writing skills

What is it?

  • Know the principles of professional writing using plain English.
  • Use a structured approach to writing letters, emails and short reports at work.
  • Practise writing with a clear purpose and tailored for the reader with appropriate tone and language.
  • Demonstrate a simple structure to produce a written document.
  • Be able to distinguish between the different styles needed for letters, emails and short reports.
  • Learn some key grammar techniques to aid clarity and brevity of the content.
  • Understand the importance of editing and proof-reading.
  • Know where to find information about the Royal Holloway style guide.
  • Know how to make communication accessible and user friendly for colleagues who may have hidden difficulties.
  • Understand how others receive information as a trigger for formatting communications to others.

Target audience 

This workshop is for anyone wanting to improve their written communication, particularly in emails, letters, and reports. Understanding how to write effectively can improve outcomes for any business setting. 

Programme components

Effective communication holds the key to influencing others and achieving one’s own goals and targets. It can be difficult to navigate the many ways in which communication takes place with Royal Holloway and to external stakeholders and partners.

This workshop will assist delegates in knowing what style of writing to choose for a range of different occasions. Delegates will explore the purpose of the communication and the audience, the impact and outcomes required. The workshop will consider the impact of different styles, e.g. using brief emails against letter style emails.

Using the Plain English Campaign materials as a foundation will provide delegates with a range of techniques, examples and good working practice on which to base their own communications.

The Royal Holloway Style Guide will be an additional reference guide to inform delegates of the various expectations and needs of the organisation. 

Course length

Full-day course.

Programme dates

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