Notes and minute taking

What is it?

  • Build confidence as a note-taker.
  • Improve note-taking and listening skills.
  • Pick out key points from discussions and translate into minutes.
  • Produce an accurate, brief and clear set of minutes in an appropriate style.
  • Understand what style of notes or action points are best suited to a meeting or team’s needs.
  • Consider a range of techniques for note taking, including the use of IT (laptops).
  • Understand the importance of minutes for some meetings, e.g as a legal record.
  • Know how to listen with purpose.
  • Ensure listening leads to objective minutes and notes being taken.
  • Know how to work with the meeting chair to be more effective

Target audience

This workshop is for any member of staff choosing to develop their skills in the area of note taking. Additionally the workshop will consider a range of taking minutes in meetings.

Programme objectives

  • Build confidence as a note-taker
  • Improve note-taking and listening skills
  • Pick out key points from discussions and translate into minutes
  • Produce an accurate, brief and clear set of minutes in an appropriate style

Programme components

This workshop is designed to assist those who are responsible for taking minutes in a variety of meeting settings. The core principles of being able to listen, focus and discern the correct point to be written are important for all note and minute takers.

Building confidence in this area is essential, so this workshop will take the delegates through a range of examples, styles and skills required to create excellent notes and minutes.

As part of the workshop, listening skills will be developed in a range of ways so that delegates are able to hear key words or content in a meeting. An additional element to this will be that they are encouraged to listen in a non-judgemental and objective manner.

A key part of this process is to work closely with the person chairing or hosting the meeting to establish what is required. Additionally, working closely with this person creates opportunities during meetings to clarify and check points before the moment is lost or passed over.

The Royal Holloway Style Guide will be an additional reference guide to inform delegates of the various expectations and needs of the organisation.

Course length

Full-day course.

Programme dates

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