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Career development


Whatever your position or stage in life, there is support available to help you focus on your developing your career with us. Whether that is in a upward or lateral direction, or by expanding your talents within your current role. 

Academic promotion

These short workshops look at the way the application process proceeds, criteria for promotion and material that needs to be prepared.

The Advance Programme

The Advance Programme is a series of workshops designed exclusively for academic staff to support the College's research activity, by developing leadership and providing opportunities to share expertise in this area.

Aurora programme

Aurora is for women up to senior lecturer level or Professional Services grade 9 and is run by Advance HE. It aims to enable a wide range of women in academic and professional roles to think of themselves as leaders and to develop leadership skills and strategies for working in the higher education environment.

Career development workshop

This workshop will help you decide what you want from your career, however you define it, and what you need to do to achieve your goals.

CV writing and interview skills

Whether or not you are currently applying for an external or internal position, this short (90 minute) workshop will help you stand the best chance of success. Review the layout and content of your CV to ensure it demonstrates your relevant skills and experience. Understand how to prepare for and create the right impression at interview.

Enabling women in the academic promotions process

A series of three half-day workshops that give women Senior Lecturers and readers assistance in the application process for promotion help with presenting their credentials in the most optimal way to seek promotion.the opportunity to explore the influences and consequences that hinders women's career progressionnetwork with other women, sharing experiences and coping strategies.

Mandala programme

The Mandala programme is an innovative, evidence based and paradigm-shifting programme that supports the career and personal development of Black, Minority Ethnic (BME) staff seeking to progress in their career at Royal Holloway.

Networking skills

If you are put off networking because you believe it is all about elevator pitches and shameless self-promotion then you may want to take this opportunity to view it differently. This short session is one of three new workshops focusing on skills key to getting the most from your career.

Preparing for retirement

Preparing for Retirement workshop holds at its heart that lifestyle planning is an important factor in retirement preparation as financial planning. This workshop is designed to introduce staff holistically to the 4 core wellbeing pillars of retirement: physical wellbeing, social wellbeing, mental/emotional wellbeing and of course financial wellbeing.


The Springboard Women's Development Programme is the award-winning personal and work development programme for women.

 Which programme is right for me?

This table may help you decide which career development course is best for you.
 I would like... Springboard Aurora ProgrammeMandala Programme Enabling women in the promotions process  Career development workshop
A short introduction to career development Yes
A longer course that will enable me to explore the topic over time  Yes Yes Yes Yes
To explore issues affecting women Yes Yes Yes
To explore issues affecting people from ethnic minority backgrounds  Yes
To clarify my career ambitions Yes Yes Yes Yes
To develop strategies to achieve my career ambitions Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
To clarify my personal/non-work ambitions Yes Yes
Practical support in applying for academic promotion Yes
To network with people from other institutions Yes Yes
To network with others at Royal Holloway Yes Yes Yes Yes
To develop leadership skills Yes Yes
The support of a mentor during the course Yes

 You can download a PDF version of the table here.


Upcoming events

Dec   14   2022

Academic promotion workshop

This session will look at the way the application process proceeds, criteria for promotion and material that needs to be prepared.