What is it?

The Springboard Women’s Development Programme is the award-winning personal and work development programme for women.

Who is it for?

It is for women who know there is more to life and are looking for a way forward. The course is open to all staff groups, including academics, professional services, technicians and researchers. You are welcome to apply to the programme if you identify as a woman or as a non-binary person when the programme commences. Please be aware that the nature of the programme means that many of the conversations throughout are focused on the lived experience of being a woman. It will be your personal judgement about this focus and the relevance to your experience as a non-binary person.

What are the results?

Women assess themselves, set goals and then develop the practical skills and self-confidence needed to achieve those goals.

Thousands of women in all walks of life and in different patterns of employment have opened up all sorts of opportunities for themselves following the programme.

 You can realistically expect any of these outcomes:

  • have more self-confidence and motivation
  • set and achieve clear goals
  • develop a positive attitude
  • communicate more assertively and effectively
  • present a positive image
  • improve your work/life balance

What does it consist of?

The Springboard Women’s Development Programme consists of four ingredients:

  • four one-day workshops with an experienced Springboard trainer 
  • a workbook packed with practical activities and ideas
  • positive role models
  • networking with other women from across the College

Feedback from previous attendees

"This course has helped me more than words can say."

"I feel happier, more confident."

"Being able to meet women from across the College and spend time with them has been fantastic."

"I am so pleased I did this course. Chris was excellent and really brought the course to life and kept everything interesting and relevant. She made sure everyone felt included."

Programme dates

The next course will run on the following dates, all 9.30am-4.30pm in Kingswood Blue Room.

  • 23 February
  • 23 March
  • 27 April
  • 18 May

Please ensure you can attend all four dates before applying.

How to apply

Please log in to MyView and complete the application form under 'My development forms' (see a guide on how to use MyView for making an application to a modular programme). The information you complete will be sent to your line manager to approve your application before it is submitted to Organisational Development. Please allow time for them to do this before the closing date of 11 January 2023.

You may also be interested in

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  • Enabling Women in the Promotions Process; a short, practical course which supports women senior lecturers and readers wishing to apply for promotion. 
  • The Mandala Programme, which aims to support staff from ethnic minority backgrounds in their applications to senior roles within HE.